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These are just a few examples of the wet and dry slides we have available. Please contact us for more details.

Dry Slides

Wacky Single Lane Slides

Helix 2 Giant Slides

Cliff Hanger

Water Slides

Luau Themed Water Slide

Tropical 2 Lane Slide Combo

Grand Rapids Dual Lane Water Slide

Nothing says fun like a GIANT slide.
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Dry Inflatable Slide Louisville KY

If there was such a thing as a kid magnet, it would be a water slide. A water slide rental combines the best of both worlds – the joy of a slide with the splash of a water park. These units are easy to set up, simple to use, and fun for everyone.

Inflatable slides come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and themes. Our water slides are the most popular inflatable during hot Louisville summers, but we also offer dry options for colder climates or areas where water is unavailable.

The Best Slides In Town

Every park, play place, or backyard swing set has a slide, and for good reason. Slides are often the most popular play structure for kids because they are fun for all ages.

Our dry inflatables are perfect for parties, events, or backyard play because they provide hours of enjoyment for everyone from toddlers to teenagers. Our rental coordinators can help you choose the most ideal unit for your event. Dry slides are ideal for events where swimsuits may not be available, or for days when the weather is not conducive to wet outdoor activities.

Our inflatables are made with a durable PVC designed to withstand just about anything. Our dry units have less texture, and more of a smooth surface than the wet version to reduce friction and users to fly down the course and enjoy the ride.

It’s hard for anyone to resist a giant inflatable slide in the backyard, even grumpy teenagers who are convinced inflatables are only for kids. Our inflatables prove that wrong time and time again by providing competition, creativity, and an outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy together.

Create A Water Park In Your Backyard

Inflatable Slides for Kids Parties Louisville KY

Water slides create a thrill that is unmatched by any other party inflatable. Our rentals combine the best of both worlds: an inflatable slide, with a splash of water. Hot summer days in Louisville, KY need a refreshing way to enjoy the sun, wet inflatables give you that. Best of all, our water slide rentals are perfect for any size event.

We have backyard units that are perfect for birthday parties or family reunions, we also have large slides that get everyone involved at a city celebration or company picnic. Our double slides allow two to race down together and brings a competitive edge to see who can hit the splash pool first.

The water slide inflatables have small hoses that keep the surface of the slide cool and slippery with a soft landing into a pool of cool water at the bottom. Water slides are specifically manufactured for both safety and durability, using an extra thick PVC material with additional texture to give traction on areas when necessary. All water slides are designed for outdoor use, and can be hooked up to any backyard hose or water source.

The Longest, Fastest Slip-N-Slide Ride!

The slip-n- slide inflatable are great for older kids, teenagers, and even adults looking to let loose and enjoy the summer. Rather than climbing up the stair to ride down a tall structure, users take a running start and slide down on their belly all the way to the end of the ride.

The slip-n-slide is a flat, long, inflatable surface designed to create a lot of fun in one inflatable. We have several options of slip-n-slide designs. Hurl yourself through three rainbows, or down a row of palm trees. Cruise through a mountain pass or an under the sea adventure right here in Louisville!

We also offer double lane slip-n-slides that allow two users to start at the same time and race to the finish. Double lane units provide hours of fun by providing double the surface area and double the excitement with two lanes of competition.

Each is equipped with rings of mist that keep the surface of the slide wet and slippery. The units are equipped with double, triple, and sometimes 6-way stitching for the most durable products in the industry. We take care to ensure there are no raw edges, no loose stitching, and no wear and tear on the fabric itself. The vinyl material is extremely durable and easy to clean.

All of our slip-n-slides require use with water, which makes them the most ideal option for the hot summer months. Give us a call to schedule your next summer party and our friendly customer service staff will help you decide what type of slide works best for your event, your guests, and your budget. We service all of Louisville, KY and surrounding areas to make your next party the talk of the town!

Nothing says fun like a GIANT slide.
Rent your inflatable slide today!