Bounce House Rental Louisville, KY

These are just a few examples of the bounce houses we have available. Please contact us for more details.

Carnival Jumps

Jumbo Bounce House

Sparkly Dazzling Castle

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Every birthday cake needs candles, and every party needs a bounce house. Have you ever tried to jump up and down repeatedly without smiling? It’s nearly impossible.

Our units transform an event from a backyard birthday party to the most fun you’ve had all year. Our Louisville inflatable rentals are lively, fun, affordable, and appealing to all ages. You bring the crowd, we will bring the entertainment.

Bouncy Houses Louisville KY

As a premiere provider of bounce houses and inflatable fun in Louisville, KY, we understand that every event is different. We cater to kids of all ages from toddlers to teenagers. Even adults can’t help but get in on the action.

Have a child who dreams of being a cowboy? There’s a bounce house for that. Looking to dazzle your little princess? Our bouncy castle has you covered. Need something large enough for the entire neighborhood? Yep, we have that too.

We have a variety of themes, sizes, and inflatable activities including sports houses. With our extensive selection, you can create an event your child will remember for a lifetime.

Outdoor Fun for Everyone!

Whether you have a small backyard, or a neighborhood park, we can transform it into an inflatable paradise. Our outdoor units are made with a thicker material that won’t crack or tear, even with a space rock or stick that might get stuck underneath.

All of the seams, edges, and entrance areas have additional reinforcement to stand up to the rowdiest crowds. The outdoor bounders are larger and heavier than the indoor units, which make them withstand a breeze without toppling over.

We have a variety of outdoor units in a wide range of sizes for anywhere from a few children to a large crowd. For neighborhood parties or city events, we recommend grouping two or three inflatables together to accommodate a large crowd.

Indoor Bouncy Castles and Houses

Christmas party? Winter birthday? Inclement weather? No problem.

We offer a variety of indoor bounce houses, often referred to as moonwalks. They are traditionally smaller than our traditional bounce houses to make them easy to fit inside of a home or garage. You can also link two or more indoor units together if you have a larger party space.

Indoor Bounce House Louisville KYTypically, the jump space in an indoor house is between 75-100 square feet, so they work best for toddlers or small groups of less than 10 children. If you have a larger group, consider an indoor house along combined with an inflatable obstacle, or our inflatable sumo suits to make sure no one is left out waiting for their turn.

Each indoor bouncy castle or house is manufactured with 18-ounce PVC on the bouncing area, the material used in most commercial bouncers. However, other areas of the unit are made from a lightweight nylon, making them easier to setup inside. It is durable enough for outside, but designed specifically for indoor use because they are light weight and can be more subject to wind and rain.

Did You Know Jumping is Good for You!

Of course, bounce houses can be fun, but you may not realize that jumping can actually be good for you. Jumping is an effective form of exercise that brings numerous health benefits!

An Object In Motion Will Stay In Motion

Newton likely had no clue that his first law of motion could be so much fun! When you jump, you used 14 muscles throughout your body to defy gravity. Physical activity is about more than just losing weight.

Exercise strengthens your heart, prevents arteries, strengthens your lungs, bones, and regulates blood pressure. The best thing about jumping is that does not feel like exercise, but it is.

The muscles at your hip, knee, and ankle work together to get a good jump off the ground and into the air strengthening muscles, balance, and coordination. According to NASA, ten minutes of jumping is better than 30 minutes of running!

Bounce and Boost Endorphins

Aside from the health benefits, jumping improves your energy level and makes you happy. Physical exertion produces endorphins which naturally lift your mood and relieve stress and enhances your pleasure centers. Endorphins are the body’s natural way to feel happy.

When you jump, the endorphins are released into your blood stream and can quickly increase your mood. Combining physical activity and social interaction stimulates extra endorphins. When you are exercising as a group, your energy level is higher and more endorphins are released.

Who knew parties with a bounce house are scientifically more fun (and better for you) than parties without! Now you really can have your cake and eat it too.

Want to be the favorite parent?
Rent a bounce house for their next party today!